Sunday, February 23, 2014

Sunday Six

1) How is it going to be March in another week? I remember when February started! Dang.

2) Student teaching is taking over my life. I knew it'd be challenging and I would have dedicate a lot of my hours but I didn't realize how it would consume my every thought. No seriously, I look around and think "OH I COULD USE THIS" "OH I LOVE THIS I'M TEACHING IT TOMORROW" "THE KIDS NEED TO LEARN ABOUT X,Y & Z"   And I keep wanting to buy stuff so I can have prizes to reward my students and games to make my lessons more fun. O_O

3) I finally finished The Fault in Our Stars. Took me long enough! I thought it was alright. More on that later.

4) Does anyone watch the Tea Time ladies from Epic Reads? If you don't, PLEASE DO. They're hilarious. I'm late to the party, but I started watching them the other day. I love their channel.

5) *cries* I had last week off and I did wonderful things like napping and reading without worrying. It was lovely, and now it's over.

6)  I was thinking and realized that I haven't been very interactive with my readers! So starting next month, I'm going to ask you guys to give me reading suggestions. I usually stick to the same books and I should try to break out of that pattern.

How are you, my friends? The few of you that still return to my blog from time to time. *sends you virtual hugs* ♥


  1. I know crazy! March. Yay! I can't wait. I swear it was December last week.

    Yay! for lazy days.

    SO proud of you btw!

    *hugs* back

  2. I feel like I would have loved a teacher as enthusiastic as you are (prizes? awesome) - I like your pinterest pages with teaching ideas! :) A week off doing nothing sounds lovely. That's what I want to do whenever I have time off too! *hugs back*.