Monday, April 14, 2014

Interrupting my self-imposed hiatus.... bring this really awesome web series to your attention!

I had no idea this web series was around until a good friend of mine texted me to watch Classic Alice. (If you're thinking that this is a modern adaption of Alice in Wonderland, then I'm sorry to disappoint! But I had the same thought initially.)

In a nutshell, Classic Alice is the story of a girl named (you guessed it!) Alice who receives a bad grade on her English paper and resolves that in order to write better and understand characters, she decides to live out the lives of the characters from classic novels. If that doesn't sound amazing, then I highly recommend just watching the series. The first 6 episodes are up and are really fun. I'll even save you the trouble and link the first episode here:

But that's not all... I'm writing this post not only to inform you about this great series but that it needs help!! They are on kickstarter in order to raise money so that they can create some more fantastic episodes and I'm so happy to report that they're more than halfway to their target goal. If you'd like to see this fun web series continue, you can click here to donate. Or if you want to spread the word about Classic Alice, that is just as helpful!

Update: THEY REACHED THEIR GOAL. Actually, this team surpassed it!!! HURRAY. I'm so happy!!!!

Just thought you all should know about this series. There are only six episodes but those episodes have proven to be really great and I hope this series develops further because it has the potential to be AMAZEBALLS. Also, I think I'll need something to go to after The Autobiography of Jane Eyre ends. (HAVE YOU BEEN WATCHING? Every week it gets better omg.)


  1. Realllly? I SO must add this to my watch list.

  2. I'm adding this! and I tweeted about it! LOL
    Thanks, Sandy-belle for bringing this awesome into my life.

    Also, been watching ABoJE and it's getting intense!! :O

    1. Yay for my power of persuasion, haha! ;D

      AND I KNOW RIGHT. I love ABoJE and how it's moving along...the writers and actors are doing an amazing job. They can an A+ from me!