Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy birthday, Alex!!!

It's my blogging buddy's birthday today!!! YAY ALEX. I hope you have an awesome day filled with presents and cake!!! FELIZ CUMPLE Y QUE LO PASES GENIAL AMIGA ♥


  1. *hugs* Thanks so much!!
    You are an awesome friend :D

  2. hi sandy! congrats :) i remember a whileeee back you were unsure about blogging as you were quite busy so it was really nice to come back after a while and see you were blogging more . i don't even know how old mine is. better get on that. happy new year!! :)

    1. hey!!! it's nice to see you in my comments again :)

      yes, I wasn't sure about continuing but I decided to stop worrying and just blog as I please. It's much better this way!