Tuesday, February 3, 2015

two bookish finds that I stumbled upon


A retelling of JANE EYRE where Jane is Korean-American? And Mr. Rochester's wife is in fact present in the story by not being an insane woman trapped in the attic? HOT CHA CHA, I'm in. You can read the official synopsis at Penguin's official website.  

Not sure if this is the official cover or a draft or a fan-made photo but ERMERGERD. I didn't know about this book until a few days ago. Maybe you're all shaking your head at me going, "Really?" but YES REALLY. I DIDN'T KNOW LYDIA WAS GETTING A BOOK. I'm so happy. I admit that I'm way more excited about her book instead of Lizzie's. (Which I never got around to reading, aha...) More official info from S&S's website


  1. I'm really excited about both of these!! I didn't like Lizzie's book, but I think it was mostly because it didn't add anything to what I already knew, I LOVE that Lydia's book takes us into the future!!

    1. Yeah! If it doesn't deepen your knowledge in any way then it's def a dud. Although it might be fun for someone who hasn't read the original story. And YES! So we'll def enjoy Lydia's book more :)