Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Review Policy

Updated 5/29/2015

I'm no longer accepting any review copies, pitches, etc.  

How I review: 
My format of a review (typically 2-3 paragraphs along with the synopsis, release date and publisher) where I explain my thoughts on characters, plot, setting, writing style, etc. I don't have any star ratings that accompany my reviews; I find ratings to be very subjective so I stopped using them (although my older reviews have ratings assigned to them). Also, I have a "final verdict" at the end of my review where I give a bite-sized version/wrap up of how I felt about the book. I also include links and an author's photo to accompany my reviews so that any readers who are interested to learn more about the author can do so.

When I post reviews:
It depends. If I receive a book for review, I try to post it right before the release date or right after the release date. As for books that I get on my own--library copies, books I buy or books that are already on my shelves....there's no deadline.

Where I post reviews:
I cross-post them here and on my goodreads page. I had GR before but deleted my old one...then ended up missing it and opened a new account. 

Some of the books I review are sent to me by publishers and/or authors. I always state how I receive books in my reviews and I receive no monetary compensation for doing this. I blog for fun :)

Thank you for considering Pirate Penguin's Reads.

Other policies: