Monday, September 1, 2014

Help me choose what to read for October!

Since I can't shake off this YA contemporary kick, I've selected these three titles for you guys to pick from! I feel like I'm the only one that hasn't read IF I STAY (and I haven't seen the movie either--I don't want to until I read the book). I've always read great reviews for every book shown here but whatever you choose for me to read, I'll read and review it!


  1. Read If I Stay so you can watch the movie soon! I was surprised by how much I enjoyed reading both If I Stay and Where She Went. The movie hasn't been shown in Singapore yet but it's coming soon. I remember really liking The Sky is Everywhere when I first read it but can't remember the details now.

  2. North of Beautiful is lovely!! So is if I Stay, but I think that North of Beautiful is a bit less of a downer :D

  3. I voted for The Sky is Everywhere and strangely my vote isn't registering :(

  4. Is it cheating if I say you should read all three? xD

    North of Beautiful has the most interesting journey, The Sky is Everywhere has the most gorgeous writing, and I'm loving the dialogue in If I Stay right now, though I'm admittedly only a few chapters in.

    1. LOL nope. You can vote for all three ;)

  5. If I Stay - pretty much a no brainer I think. :)

  6. I remember really loving THE SKY IS EVERYWHERE back in 2009, so my vote goes there!