Monday, December 1, 2014

Monthly Wrap-Up: November 2014

November 2014: A weird, stressful month where I barely read but I did have a few good moments.

I won't even begin to list all the stress-inducing events that occurred in November but what topped my list was my massive tooth pain which ended up becoming an emergency root canal. Yeah. Fun times. Couple that with my growing lack of interest in reading and well... November was not very productive for blogging. BUT I did manage to read one book!

And it was Anya's Ghost, a YA graphic novel that I really liked

Snapshot of November: 

Next Month's Reads: 

I haven't the faintest idea, to be honest. But we'll see what strikes my fancy.

What's going on with me: 
  • It's official, I've fallen into the vortex of fanfiction but I can't say I'm not happy. I LOVE the stories I've been reading and I'm late to the dramione party but better late than never!!!
  • I'm actually happy that November is over. My birthday came and went without any fanfare and idk, it was just very blah this time around. My coworkers were adorable and actually surprised me with a cake and a card signed by everybody though so that perked me up! :D
  • December is here and so is the Christmas cheer!!! I've been much more festive for the holidays in 2014 and Christmas is no exception. Happy to report that my Christmas shopping is done! Now I need to prepare the presents ^_^
  • I have to visit the dentist again to continue my treatment for my teeth...but I am more than ok with this. The dentist I was recommended is great and has an angel hand. 
  • I signed up for my classes for spring 2015. Yay! Now I need to see how I'm going to pay for these! :P

So tell me friends, how was your November? And how is your December starting off? 

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