Sunday, March 1, 2015

Monthly Wrap-Up: February 2015

February 2015: A month of some reads, a lot of homework and a new room :D

My room has finally been repainted! I've lived in the same house since I was 8 and my room has had the same colors for all this time. (Top half pink, bottom half dark purple....with a Barbie border *shudders*) It was cute for the time when I moved here as a child but now at 23 I was desperate for a change and I got my wish! It's now an awesome purple color. It's called 'orchid blush' according to Home Depot. How fanceh lol.
Snapshot of February: 
What's going on with me: 
  • I saw The Duff last night with a friend. We were planning on seeing The Kingsman (we're hugh Colin Firth fans) but the theater we went to had such a long line and we were already late for the showing so we opted to see The Duff instead. I knew walking in it'd be completely different to the book which I read years ago but I was curious to see how different it is. Unsurprisingly, it's COMPLETELY different from the book but still pretty enjoyable! I thought Mae Whitman did a great job portraying Bianca. Maybe I might do a post about the movie, but overall it's worth your time and it's a fun film even if you haven't read the book. My friend and I were LOLing because the girls next to us (tweens) were all OMG I didn't expect them to kiss blahblahblah. I kept thinking, have they never seen a rom com?!
  • Um, am currently procrastinating on doing my hw... it's bad x_x 
  • I'm debating on whether I will be able to afford going to BEA and BookCon this year but I desperately want to go.
  • I'm still rereading THE WINNER'S CURSE and I picked up EL DEAFO by Cece Bell. No surprise that I'm loving TWC and that ED is immensely enjoyable as the reviews I've read have promised it will be. Hopefully I'll have reviews up for them both in March. 
  • Speaking of March, WHO IS EXCITED THAT SHADOW SCALE WILL BE RELEASED? MEEEEE. PS I'm going to be posting a review for SC and have a giveaway for it EEP x) 

So how have you all been? Good, I hope. And warm... I'm ready to be done with this winter. It's probably been the coldest I've ever gone through. 


  1. I am sooo ready for spring! I always tend to get down in the dumps during winter, unfortunately. I'm trying to work on that, since winter happens every year and it seems less than useful to be down every time it comes around. xD

    Wait, wait, wait. Have you already read Shadow Scale???? I'm so freaking excited. I rarely buy books right when they come out, but I'm reallly thinking about getting SC.

    1. I usually don't mind the cold but this winter has been effing ridiculous with all the snow. LIKE ENOUGH I GET IT MOTHER NATURE. Please give me flowers and sunshine now...

      I haven't yet. BUT I WILL SOON AND YES BUY IT.

  2. How come I didn't comment on this?
    Did I tell you I love the Wednesday Adams vid?